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Air Freight

Air Freight Service

In such times of rapid action it is vitally important to deliver our goods and services well on time and with complete security and trust. Movement of sensitive and important goods through road ways is more of a risk and thus such goods cannot be delivered with stakes involved, as they are meant to be handled with care and complete security.

Air routes are the safest and most secure methods in the freight and logistics options available, to send your shipments to their destination with complete contentment. With the label of being the most trustworthy service provider, Dynamic Shipping Agencies offers its best services in the Air Freight industry to our valued customers, with quality & experienced professionals taking care of the shipments in order to deliver them to their destinations with utmost satisfaction as a professional freight forwarding company.

AIR FREIGHT is one of our category of services that dominantly uses an air mode, offering delivery speed choice that best suits our customer’s requirements. With our global network of agents, Dynamic Shipping Agencies provides our customers with a comprehensive range of import / export Air Freight Services.

Whatever your requirements are, we at Topworth International Shipping Agency tailor our services to meet your needs, providing flexible Air Freight Logistics options to meet the highly customized demands of customers, which includes; Door-to-Door Services, Airport-to-Airport Services, Door-to-Airport Services, and Airport-to-Door Services. In addition, we specialize in handling of hazardous and dangerous cargo, having the necessary qualifications and licenses to transport these shipments safely through our international freight forwarders network.