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By Rail Freight

Rail Freight Cargo Transportation

Railway freight, also known as freight by train, is produced in the context of the rapid development of the modern logistics industry at home and abroad, the continuous adjustment of the distribution of railway productivity, and the continuous release of transportation capacity.

As a rail freight services ltd, Topworth International Shipping Agency can provide you with comprehensive railway freight services with competitive train cargo costs. We can also offer intermodal rail cargo services for you.

What Do Freight Trains Carry?

Generally speaking, the following types can be carried by rail cargo transport.

1. For goods with a relatively small freight burden, large batches of goods, and long transportation distances, rail freight shipping is a more economical choice.

2. Suitable for one-time efficient rail freight shipping of a large number of goods.

3. Medium and long-distance rail rack freight transportation of bulk low-value goods.

4. Suitable for rail rack freight transportation of bulk and canned goods.

The biggest advantage of railway freight services is reflected in the short freight cycle, which is suitable for industries with relatively high capital turnover requirements, and also suitable for products with relatively large added value, such as mobile phones, home appliances, and a large number of mechanical accessories.

If home appliances are exported to Central Asia, Europe, or the industries that export products such as machinery parts, clothing, etc. are all suitable for rail rack freight.